Teddy (Teddy of TeddyRox)

In late August of 2011, Teddy was surrendered to a North Carolina shelter by the only family he had ever known. He was 4 years old and had been hit by a car several days prior to his arrival at the shelter. He had not received any medical care or attention for the injuries he sustained in the accident and was in serious pain. Because of his condition, he was not eligible for adoption. His only hope was a rescue...sadly, that’s the way it works in most of our shelters…but lucky for Teddy, a wonderful rescue stepped up and took him in!
Teddy had multiple inoperable pelvic fractures and severe hip and leg injuries. FHO surgery was performed to alleviate his hip and leg pain. Discharge instructions included 24 hour ‘crate’ rest to keep him immobile while he healed. Teddy proved to be a great patient and was soon allowed out of his crate… as long as there was no physical activity.  
Once released from ‘crate’ rest, Teddy was allowed to slowly increase his activity level and he got a little bit better every day. In December of 2011, a fully recovered Teddy was officially adopted by his foster family.  

Teddy wants to thank the shelter and the rescue who saw his spirit and stepped up to save him.

 Unexpectedly, we lost of Teddy in October 2017.  He will not be forgotten.




Roxanne (Rox of TeddyRox)

In the late fall of 2011 at the age of 2, Roxanne was dumped by her owner at a rural shelter in North Carolina. She was pitifully skinny and suffered from double entropion, where her eyelids were inverted so the eyelashes rubbed on her eye causing constant pain. She was lucky, as she went to a rescue group that provided the surgery she needed. 

Roxanne began to recover both medically and emotionally but despite great care and nutrition, she failed to gain weight.  Medical testing began and the news went from bad to worse to truly awful. Roxanne had multiple inoperable liver shunts and her liver couldn't do its job. And her life would be short -- maybe only 6 months. But she lived 6 1/2 years after diagnosis, was a Retrieving Hearts Therapy Dog and was happy every day.

Roxanne died in September 2018 from cancer, one week after diagnosis. She was a special dog and she will be greatly missed.






Their Humans (Nancy and Kathleen)

With twenty years of experience in animal rescue, we established the TeddyRox Foundation, a nonprofit, all volunteer organization focused on getting North Carolina shelter animals the help, and ultimately the homes, they need. Our ultimate goal is a North Carolina that understands the importance of spay and neuter, vaccinations, and heartworm preventatives so that rescue work is no longer the difference between life and death for so many homeless pets. We want to end the needless deaths of more than 100,000 animals a year in North Carolina.

As we progress towards that goal, we will create awareness and educational programs for responsible pet ownership, provide shelters and rescues food and supplies when shortages occur and assist shelters and rescues with grant applications.